I am living through my dreams in photography. Photography provides me with space, to explore my creativity and the learning factor in every single frame excites me. It keeps me connected with nature, including a wide range of people along with their culture. I believe that a good photographer is one who intends to learn every day, is punctual, responsible and innately creative. For me travelling is not just about visiting places alone, it's about experiencing the unexpected. I genuinely believe that after every travel, I need to bring along more stories to share than things to show. Fortunately, I got opportunities to travel to many destinations including the UK, Nepal, Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Tibet and Bhutan to name a few. My work has been presented in a couple of exhibitions held in Australia, Norway and India. Photography brings out the best in me, be it Documentary films, Weddings, Fashion, Landscape, Conceptual or wildlife. I have worked both as a Chief and assistant photographer for a few South Indian movies. Though travel and wildlife photography has been my personal favourites, I do enjoy other forms as well.