I am living through my dreams in photography... Born in Kochi, a commercial city of Kerala, South India, I was deeply engrossed in capturing “God’s Own Country” at its very best! I was and still am enormously inspired by the famous Indian cinematographer, Mr. Santosh Shivan, particularly after his Tamil movie named ”Dalapathy”. Photography has its own way of helping me connect with a wide range of people. And yes, who wouldn’t be thrilled traveling around the world capturing some of the most significant moments!. I have traveled to many destinations including UK, Nepal, Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Tibet and Bhutan to name a few. Conquering new techniques and finding new angles have made me more confident in my work. Photography has blessed me with a lot of freedom and what’s more, there is always a learning element in each and every frame. I believe that a good photographer is one who intends to learn every day, is punctual, responsible and innately creative. My work has been unveiled in a couple of exhibitions held in India. I have worked both as a Chief and assistant photographer for a few South Indian movies. Photography brings out the best in me, be it Documentary,Weddings, Fashion, Landscape, Conceptual or wild life. Though travel and wildlife photography have been my personnel favourites, I do enjoy other forms as well. The sole purpose of this website is to portray my work and my never-ending passion for visual media.